Microsoft says IE6 is dead, is it Really?

Microsoft says IE6 is dead, is it Really?

Microsoft ‘kills’ IE6 use in the US, celebrates with cake

I hope this is true, and every client reads about it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind adding hours to a budget to try and accommodate IE6. Since I build websites for a living, any value that I can provide that clients are willing and able to pay for is not something that I’m going to turn away.

Unfortunately IE6 is not the end of the unfortunate story that is IE. IE 7, IE 8 and even IE 9 are problematic. Firefox, Chrome and Safari are all modern browsers where the version number is not as relevant because of their shorter development cycle and more aggressive use of the browser to update itself.

I’m hoping for the sake of clients that this news is official. Certainly we have not done any IE6 testing as a part of any project unless it is specifically requested for quite some time. Unfortunately it has been.

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