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Denovo Colorful Collage

Denovo approached BrandCraft with a bold mission: to be a leading innovator of law practice management software for small to medium sized practices. In fact, when the team behind Denovo first came to us they didn’t have a name yet. So, we did some creative storming upon our collective, creative brains–uncovering (juris)prudent names for this new software. With law – and legalese – tracing much of its etymology back to Latin roots, we opted to examine this classic language for clues to a fresh name that would provide the branding foundation.

Enter: de novo. Already having some legal connections via trial de novo and review, de novo, quite literally means “from the beginning or anew.” We married the two words together and formed Denovo – a new approach to practice management. With most practice management systems for small to medium size firms being antiquated and clunky, we wanted to design a front-end website that was clean, minimal and fresh – something that would reinforce the slim, intuitive features of the software itself. Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in learning more about the actual software, head on over to Wildland to take a look.

We chose a young, verdant leaf as the mark for the Denovo brand, as it further communicated a new start for legal software. From there a brand font came to life. A fresh take on a classic typeface, the Denovo leaf works in symbiotic harmony with the serif flourishes. Finally, we picked a color palette – and subsequent gradient – that augmented the foundational Denovo brand elements with fresh, professional hues.


Denovo Blue Leaf Square


After years of using a combination of Outlook, Excel and a number of inadequate time-tracking tools, Denovo saw potential in creating an all-in-one tool that could take an attorney from Client Intake all the way to Document Generation and Billing in a seamless manner. Once we developed a timeless and trusted identity kit, we set out to design an intuitive user interface that would bring to fruition Denovo’s vision for a easy-to-manage, streamlined experience for all users.

Denovo is made to simplify your practice, allow you to capture more time, and increase your productivity. It is an efficient practice management software for the solo attorney and small law firm.

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