Puyallup 125th Anniversary

Logo & Identity
About This Project

A quasquicentennial anniversary only comes around once so it’s imperative that the design of its logo captures the sheer magnitude of such a celebration. The City of Puyallup knew that we had delivered on a multitude of logos for the city already––Puyallup School District, Festival of Books, Puyallup Farmer’s Market and the Karshner Museum––so they sought us out to create a 125th Anniversary logo that captured the spirit of Puyallup in an elegant and visceral manner. We created a scene integrating a few of the staples of the Puyallup Valley: Mt. Rainier, the River, Evergreens and a Daffodil. Throw in some tasteful typefaces and you’ve got a 125th anniversary logo decades in the making…