We Backup Buddy WordPress

We Backup Buddy WordPress

We use Backup Buddy for all of our sites, it gives us the piece of mind to know that we can snapshot out entire sites including their databases and roll them out anywhere we want.

Backup my wordpress site.

The backup features included in Backup Buddy allow you to schedule your onsite and offsite backups. Creating a scheduled that suits the frequency of your updates. You can backup just the database, or backup your entire site. These backups can automatically be pushed offsite to ftp, amazon s3, dropbox, rackspace cloudfiles, and email. This is a great way to ensure that you have piece of mind that your site is store in multiple locations and that you can quickly recover from a catastrophic site failure.

Restore my wordpress site.

Restoring your wordpress site is done via simple wizard name import buddy. This is a file you upload to your site along with the backup zip that was created. You then visit the import buddy page on your site and follow the steps to redeploy your site. Then you are up and running again!

Migrate my wordpress site.

Do you need to migrate your site to a new domain, or from a staging or testing environment to your live domain. Import buddy processes your site when importing it and updates all of your links to reference the new domain that you setting up your site on. It is the fastest way to deploy your site from your development environment.

How do I get Backup Buddy on my self hosted wordpress site?

  • Buy Backup Buddy at ithemes.com and install it on your self hosted wordpress site.
  • Hire a wordpress developer that has a license to develop with backup buddy and they (we) can install it for you and configure your offsite backups.

Backup WordPress Easily