Is WordPress powering your business site?

Is WordPress powering your business site?

Do you have a website? If you have a one that is over two years old it was probably built by a web designer without the ability for you to make changes to your content. If they programmed it for you to make changes, its likely it cost you quite a bit for that custom coding. And even if you can make changes you have to continue to be serviced by the same vendor because it is too costly for another developer to learn the code. Also, if you want to add the latest and greatest features to your site they may have to build and integrate them from scratch.

Problems with not using a popular platform.

  • Requires expensive labor to make simple content changes.
  • Ensures vendor lock in so your service options are limited.
  • New features are costly to add.

Why we love WordPress.

  • With minimal training users can make there own updates.
  • Business aren’t locked into a vendor, they can use a wide range of developers that support WordPress to solve unique problems.
  • If we can’t solve a problem, there is probably a plugin or another developer that can.

Avoid vendor lock in!

We can’t stress enough the importance of choosing solutions that are support by the community. The more your infrastructure is based upon widely used and widely supported tools the more options you will have in the future. Would you buy a car if there was only one service station that could maintain it and one source for parts. You website should be treated the same. 90% of its functions should be provided by the plaform and pre-built plugins and the rest of the customization should follow common standards and patterns. Unless you have very specific and innovated needs, WordPress with a small group of plugins will provide every common feature that you need.

For existing wordpress site owners that are looking for new design, customizations, and service and support. BrandCraft is happy to work to support your internal team, or your current developer, with any portion of your site needs.

For new site owners, take a look at our recommended WordPress site configuration.



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